Who we are

Welcome to the peak. The view is wonderful.

We are Burman, a new-age real estate development firm specializing in developing iconic landmarks that symbolize 'Pride of Ownership' to our clients.

Burman Estate core focus in on Real Estate Development & Management of Assets and includes Residential, Serviced Residences, Hospitality, Retail & Commercial Office Space under its ambit.

We are unparalleled at amplifying your vision of your property, while exceeding the most stringent global standards of the real estate industry. What we offer is nothing less than complete pride in your space. Utter satisfaction and delight. We strive to induce the much sought after "wow" factor in anyone who encounters our work.

Some firms make buildings. Some build properties. Some deal in the business of construction, while others service buyers and clientele. We take a lot of pride in developing, managing and maintaining high quality real estate developments. To do this, we actively seek singularly gifted real estate professionals - from architects, project managers and developers to creative strategists and engineers - from all over the world. It is thanks to the brilliant people behind the scenes that we can provide the careful attention-to-detail and refined sensibility vital to the creating of truly great things, and the passion essential for making them successful.

As our satisfied clientele can attest: the view at the peak is worth it.

The Burman family is the hidden name behind seminal big Indian brands like Dabur, Aviva in India, Elephant Capital, DMI Finance etc.

Burman Estate

At Burman Estate, we believe that our work represents the peak of the real estate industry. We develop iconic, ultra-luxurious properties that signify ascension into the paradigms of prestige and success. Our work inspires the "Pride of Ownership" in our clientele because it is created with perfectionism.

To epitomize our firm belief in exemplary, world-class craftsmanship, our logo evokes a sense of discernment. The chiseled Gotham typeface is elegant, while the curves forming a skyline portray our experience at shaping any development into a work of art. Prominent and yet suave, the logo strives – just like the company it represents – to blaze as a beacon of prestige, success and excellence in Indian real estate.

To create the “Pride of Ownership,”   it’s important for us to find great satisfaction in the properties we develop. To this effect, our governing principles define every decision we make at Burman Estate:

  • To be a zero-debt company
  • To be the best-in-class brand for properties that inspire the "Pride of Ownership."
  • To become a preferred developer, employer and investee for the real estate sector.
  • To pursue the highest standards of corporate governance, quality & customer delight.
  • To use our equity and the strengths of our investors to grow.

We focus on creating iconic properties at prime, hi-growth regions in Tier 1 cities.

We develop unique spaces that differentiate themselves from the ordinary and enter the realm of the extra-ordinary. We strive to execute every concept to its fullest potential.

Our capabilities meet and exceed global standards for:

  • Masterplanning
  • Architecture
  • Development & Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Quality of execution
  • Property & Estate Management